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Background Checks


In a country where crime is so prevalent, it’s no surprise that many South African businesses have resorted to doing criminal background checks before hiring someone new. At Michael Foot PI, we offer background checks to assist employers in making the right choice in hiring a new candidate to join their organization.

Our highly experienced staff offers the utmost discretion in assisting employers and organizations. Our attention to detail and confidentiality is what we strive for, giving you the ease and confidence to be able to make an informed decision about who you employ.

Many families and parents also do background checks on potential child care workers, domestic workers, tutors, or any other person who might be working in close proximity to the family or minors. We will provide you with as much information as you need, giving you that extra level of comfort, knowing that your family is safe.

Your background check will include:

  • Police clearance stating whether or not any criminal convictions are recorded
  • An offence history
  • Fines
  • Credit checks

If you feel that you need to do a background check on a potential employee, go ahead and contact us TODAY to find out more.