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We help find Missing Persons


Everyone knows that the first 72 hours of someone going missing is the most crucial. So if you’re waiting too long for results from the South African Police Service (SAPS) on a missing person, perhaps it’s time to get a private investigator on it.

There are some cases where people actually don’t want to be found, and there are other times where people do. Whatever the circumstances may be, we will do everything we can to find who you are looking for. With even the least amount of information, we are able to use our state of the art gadgets and equipment to track down your missing person.

We will help you find:

    • Estranged family members
      Sometimes family members are disgruntled, leaving the family torn apart. Once you decide to find that family member that you haven’t seen for years, Michael Foot PI will help you put the pieces together to mend that broken relationship.
    • A high-school friend
      Perhaps you’re unable to find your high-school sweetheart or your primary school best friend on Facebook, we will help you rekindle that friendship or love.
    • Biological parents
      Many adopted children grow up curious about their heritage and biological family. Even though their adoptive parents gave them a good life, there are some answers that they may need from their biological family.

Everyone leaves a trail and we will be able to pick up the pieces and find where it leads to. Using a collection of data, databases to disposal and search history, Michael Foot PI will do our very best to help you find who you are looking for.