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Corporate Surveillance & Investigations

Corparate Investigations

If you own a company or are in a leadership position and would like to increase security in the workplace, Michael Foot PI has the equipment and expertise you need to feel safe and secure at work.

With state of the art technology and equipment, we will give you access to surveillance of your workplace from wherever you are. If you are having suspicions about potential intruders or employees who might be working against you and your company, you can rest assured knowing that we will be able to find you the necessary evidence to put your conspiracy theory to bed once and for all.

We will conduct the following investigations to create the ideal work environment for you to focus your efforts on generating profits instead:

Pre-employment screenings

Companies’ Human Resource departments usually do a basic reference check before they hire someone new to their company. Besides confirming whether or not a candidate actually worked at a particular company as stated on their CV, whether or not they have the skills necessary for the job that they’ve applied for, not much is revealed about their character. Before you decide to add someone new to payroll, perhaps you should do a comprehensive background check.

Fraudulent sick leave

Do you have suspicions about an employee submitting fraudulent medical certificates to get some extra time off and still get paid? If so, we could help get to the bottom of their medical claims. In South Africa, many employers require a medical certificate if employees are off sick on the company’s payday or on Fridays or Mondays. If an employee has a trend of absence around these times, accompanied by what seems to be a legit medical certificate, we will investigate the validity of the sick notes issued.

Workman’s compensation

If an employee is claiming workman’s compensation for an illness or injury incurred at the workplace, we will investigate to find out if the claim is valid. Many people who claim workman’s compensation, usually claim that their injury or illness was caused by their employer or an employee, which means an increased payout. Whether you find yourself in the position of the claimant or defendant, we will find get the hard evidence needed to win the case.

Workplace theft

If you are finding that some of your company’s belongings are going missing, but you can’t put your finger on who it could be, we will investigate to find who may be behind it. It is advised for the employer to formulate an allegation as “being in possession of company property without authorisation”, as it may be a challenge to prove that the intention was theft in the first place. This is where Michael Foot PI will follow up and find concrete evidence to ensure that your case is strong enough to take action.

If any of these scenarios sound similar to your circumstance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will walk you through the process from the very beginning, giving you peace of mind every step of the way.